Rains are washing International Paper's color, solids, and duckweed from the wetlands into our bay. Black water and terrible smell from IP are impacting homeowners in the upper bay....Our water testing has revealed that International paper is dumping over 100,000 pounds of sulfate per day into the wetlands and Perdido Bay. This is a toxic amount and the wetland trees are dying....International Paper is also dumping heavy metals into our bay and contaminating the entire bay..... Check out our pictures of duckweed washing off the IP wetlands into our bay....This duckweed dies and decays and adds to the high organic material and bacteria in our bay
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Photos of algae in 1988 - too many nutrients

Pollution of Perdido Bay by the papermill

2014 pictures of pollution

2013 pictures of pollution

2012 pictures of pollution

2011 pictures of pollution

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A short history of Perdido Bay

PB 2004 Bacteria Report

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Bacteriological Survey of Perdido watershed

Dioxin in Perdido Bay

Environmental Survey of Perdido Watershed

IP's reports sent to DEP on pipeline project

Pictures of Perdido River

Rains in the Spring of 2014 have washed duckweed, foam and organic debris on our beaches

Current picture of IP's treatment pond with lowered aeration which allows incomplete treatment of wastes.

The new draft SWIM plan for Perdido Bay is out; it contains lots of interesting information about Perdido Bay.
Click to read the plan

EPA is proposing a new numeric nutrient rule for Florida. The rule is ,unfortunately, so full of loopholes that it probably will not help water quality.Click for the website

Making soap at the papermill is a byproduct of paper making. This is why we see so much foam and scum on Perdido Bay. The fats in pine trees combine with the alkali in the cooking liquor to make soap. A certain amount of this is extracted as Tall Oil. 70 pounds of tall oil are extracted for each ton of pulp produced. Click for information on Tall Oil

A new threat to the water quality in Perdido Bay has arisen. Bayou Marcus waste water treatment plant is increasing its discharge to wetlands which drain into Perdido Bay. Studies have shown that there will be a net increase in nutrients entering Perdido Bay from this sewage. Click to read the permit for Bayou Marcus

The latest Toxic Release Inventory is out (this is for the year 2011). Among other toxic chemicals released into 11-Mile Creek, IP lists 429 pounds of lead and 7,000 pounds of barium discharged to 11-Mile Creek. IP also discharges material to the publicly-owned Escambia County landfill. Friends of Perdido Bay has also detected other metals in 11-mile Creek which IP has not reported. Click for link to TRI

Perdido Bay makes up the border between Florida and Alabama. Perdido Bay encompasses an area of about 50 square miles with the state line running approximately down the centerline of the bay. It has an elongated shape which lies along a northeast-southwest axis. Perdido Bay is relatively shallow in the Upper part near the mouth of the Perdido River but gets deeper toward the Gulf of Mexico

The Perdido River provides most of the fresh water (>70%) for Perdido Bay. The Perdido River is a Florida outstanding water and the water quality in the upper Perdido River is considered to be very good. On a Sunday afternoon, sitting in the river on a lawn chair is refreshing. Click for visual image. The Perdido Bay watershed covers 1205 square miles which is considered large for a small bay. The Upper part of Perdido Bay and to some extent lower Perdido Bay are polluted with wastes from a paper mill, now owned by International Paper Company. See the photo pages and pollution page on the left.

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A member who passed away recently remembered how bountiful and beautiful Perdido Bay was.
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